Do Spirits See Everything We Do?

Does my loved one in spirit see everything I do, even in the shower and bedroom?

by Bob Olson,, &

My wife, Melissa, asked me this question early in my investigation into the afterlife. I laughed when she first told me she was concerned that deceased loved ones could see her in the shower. Then I got thinking about it and got kind of weirded out by the idea myself.

The answer is yes, our loved ones can see everything we do, even in the bathroom and bedroom. But they have no interests of a physical nature now that they are in spirit, and they are fully respectful of our privacy. Keep in mind that people in spirit have about as much interest in watching you run around naked as you do watching your cat or dog run around naked—in other words, none. They no longer have any attachment to the flesh.

I’m sure that some people are concerned that their deceased husband or wife might see them in the bedroom with their new lover. And it’s fully understandable why that would be an unsettling situation. What you want to keep in mind is that people in spirit have no desire to watch us do the hokey pokey. They are going to know we have a lover, as there is no avoiding that, but they aren’t going to be watching us with high-powered binoculars. In fact, they aren’t going to watching you period. They’ll know, yes. But you won’t be under surveillance.

While on this subject, I should point out that people on the other side always want their spouses to move on and find love again. It’s not like they’re going to feel jealous. Jealousy doesn’t exist in spirit; that’s a human condition. They want you to love and be loved during your life here. So, as long as that’s the kind of relationship you have with someone, your deceased spouse or lover is going to be happy that you have someone to express your love with physically as well as emotionally.

How can I assure my privacy from loved ones in spirit?

If it will make you feel any better, people in spirit abide by our requests. So tell your deceased loved ones in spirit that you don’t want them seeing you in awkward ways. Be as specific as you wish. You can specify where they are not invited and who is not invited. But don’t give these instructions to your spirit guides just in case you slip in the shower and need some help. There’s nothing handier than a competent spirit guide creating coincidences and miracles for your rescue.

by Bob Olson,, &

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