Do People In Spirit Attend Their Own Funerals?

Do people in spirit attend their own funerals?

by Bob Olson,, &

Yes, people in spirit attend their own funerals, but probably not for the reasons that most people would assume. Spirits are primarily interested in helping their loved ones who are grieving. They want to ease their loved ones’ feelings of loss and heartache. And they want to make their presence felt, if possible, so the bereaved know they are still around them.

People in spirit are not interested in who does and does not show up at their funeral. They are not concerned about their popularity. But they do like their life to be remembered and honored. And they appreciate knowing that people loved them. Every life is significant and purposeful, and it helps those in spirit to witness this memorial celebration of their life.

People in spirit also attend their own funerals (and memorial services) because they feel the love that those in attendance radiate for them. Since the most important quality of life is love, it increases a spirit’s vibration to feel the love being expressed at such services, which helps them with their transition back into the spirit world and their own spiritual evolvement.

We all love to be loved, and funeral services are the perfect venue to express your love for your recently deceased loved one before settling back into the distractions of day-to-day life. Always know that your recently deceased loved ones are present with you at their funeral, just as they are present with you whenever you think of them. So sharing happy memories of them with others is a wonderful way to honor their life. &
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