Do I Need A Ghost Hunter To Remove Ghosts From My House?

Do I need a professional to remove ghosts from my house?

by Bob Olson,, &

Considering that the only ghosts that might be at your house are either 1) spirits who are your loved ones and are trying to give you a sign that they are around or 2) energy imprints of some event that took place on your property (see question on Hauntings above), then the answer is no, you don’t need a professional.

But you might want to consider a professional under the following circumstances:

One, you are seeing visions of someone, hearing someone calling out your name, or feeling their presence but you don’t know who it is. In this case, get a private reading with a credible and legitimate psychic medium (see section on Psychic Mediums). The psychic medium should be able to tell you who you are seeing, hearing or feeling and what message they have for you. This is true for any signs you are getting, such as doors closing, lights flickering, floorboards creaking, etc.

Two, you don’t think that what you’re seeing, hearing or feeling is a loved one in spirit, but rather, it is an energy imprint of some historical event on your property. In this case, you might want to have the energy (aura) of the property cleared energetically. You can do this yourself or hire someone to do it for you.

If you choose to clear the energy of your property yourself, here are a few tips. Let’s assume we’re dealing with a house, but you can implement these ideas for any type of property. Start by cleaning everything thoroughly and removing any clutter from the place. Then set an intention that you want to clear the energy of this house of all negative energy and fill it with only positive energy.

Then walk around the property with what’s called a smudge stick, which is usually made of sage. Be careful not to start a fire, of course. And keep your intention clear as you roam around the house with the burning sage that you intend to remove any negative, unwanted energy, leaving only positive and loving energy. The smoke from the smudge stick will fill the air and clear the energy as you intended. And I happen to think that the smoke from a sage smudge stick smells great too.

You might also place a bowl of sea salt in the room or in various rooms throughout the house. The sea salt is said to absorb negative energy. Only leave it there over night and then discard the sea salt somewhere off your property, such as in the ocean or in a forest.

In a similar way that you walked around with the smudge stick and kept your intention clear in your mind, you might also choose to walk around with a pleasant-sounding bell, chime or tuning fork. Just be sure that the sound of it is pleasing to your ear. Then continuously ring the bell in a slow and steady pace as you walk from room to room, including the basement and attic of the house.

These techniques can be done as many times as necessary to remove the negative energy imprint (scar in the energetic matrix of the dwelling or land). One day you will wake up and know intuitively that the unwanted energy imprint is gone.

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