Can A Soul Have More Than One Spirit?

Can a soul have more than one spirit?

by Bob Olson,, &

Yes, each soul is able to have multiple spirits (of itself) that it can send out to have multiple life experiences simultaneously. And when I say life experiences, I mean all sorts of living experiences in many various life forms, including life forms on other planets, in other galaxies and even within other dimensions of which we are not even aware.

I’ve seen no evidence of a soul experiencing more than one human life at the same time, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. I think it probably is. Who would know? Because each spirit that inhabits a human body has it’s own personality, there’d be no way to recognize two spirits from the same soul. But I do believe it’s possible.

This is a much deeper subject than I intended for this book, but I wanted to open your mind to these possibilities. Understand too that my description of the spirit being a portion of the soul isn’t perfect, but it’s the closest description in terms of accuracy given that we as humans view everything from the paradigm of time and space (distance). If we could discuss or even wrap our minds around the idea of everything happening at the same time, for instance, my descriptions would be different. But my answers about the afterlife are drawn from and written for our human paradigm, so I’m limited in accuracy right from the get-go.

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