Are My Loved Ones In Spirit Now My Spirit Guides?

Are my loved ones in spirit now my spirit guides?

by Bob Olson,, &

It is possible that you have a deceased loved one who has become your spirit guide in one way or another, but it’s unlikely that they are one of your main guides. As mentioned, your main guide or guides stay with you from your birth to your death. Of course, if you have a relative who died before you were born, it’s always possible that he or she is your spirit guide, but that is highly improbable. The human and spirit guide relationship is a sacred, special and vitally important role that is usually given to a highly advanced spirit (this is no job for an amateur). And since most highly advanced spirits no longer reincarnate, it is unlikely that they are one of your deceased loved ones.

This doesn’t mean, however, that your loved ones in spirit are not watching over you and helping to guide you—they most certainly are. I have a few deceased family members who have communicated through psychic mediums that they have assisted me with one thing or another in my life. Some are temporary projects and some are long-term endeavors. My father, for example, has shown up for all my readings with mediums (and I’ve tested hundreds). And I’m sure he has been assisting me with my investigation of the afterlife ever since it began in 1999.

So while your loved ones in spirit are not likely your main guides throughout your life, you probably already know which ones are helping to guide and assist you throughout your life since their passing. &
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